TREVOR SCOTT Best Selling Author


CYBER SHOT “Cyber Shot is more than the name of Trevor Scott’s latest action thriller. It is a description of the non-stop action and intrigue you are thrown into from the first page! This book immerses you in the not-so-fictional world of international espionage, where the stakes are global domination of space. Scott’s female operative in this novel would give Bond a run for his money, and likely leave him in need of a dose of testosterone. Get this book and enjoy the thrill ride!”—Scott McEwen, #1 New York Times Bestselling Co-Author of American Sniper and USA Today National Bestseller of Sniper Elite-One Way Trip DISCERNMENT “Discernment is a riveting read that should prove hard to put down, highly recommended.”—Midwest Book Review DRIFTING BACK “Drifting Back is a fascinating mystery with quite the twist.”—Midwest Book Review THE COLD EDGE “A riveting thriller all the way through, The Cold Edge is a top pick for community library thriller collections.”—Midwest Book Review “Trevor Scott brings back Jake Adams for his most thrilling adventure yet. Trevor delivered an excellent international thriller, by using his strong writing style and attention to detail, having done extensive research in Norway and Sweden. From the first page to the last page, you will be sent on a ride that should propel Trevor into conversation as one of the top military thriller writers right now. It is refreshing to see an author, which has such depth of military knowledge, not be as technical as some other authors in this genre. We recommend all of our readers to get this book now. Watch out Jason Bourne, you had met your match with Jake Adams!”—Suspense Magazine BURST of SOUND “Scott feeds the reader bits and pieces of the plot, keeping interest high. Not as technical and certainly shorter than Tom Clancy’s books but can be read in lieu of them.”—Library Journal “BURST OF SOUND is another mystery/thriller that is highly entertaining and ends all too soon for the reader’s taste. Caruso and Panzer are a great investigative team!”—Midwest Book Review “The story is quick and easy to read, with enough twists to keep it very exciting. Tony and Caleb are both interesting characters, and when they finally connect and begin to work together, they come up with a plan that is not only dangerous, but a little crazy. Something to be expected of former Navy ordinance.”—WP Book Reviews GLOBAL SHOT “Global Shot is a deftly written, highly recommended action/adventure suspense novel that will have the reader gripped in total fascination from first page to last with its plot twists and unpredictable developments leading to a memorably vivid conclusion.”—Midwest Book Review BOOM TOWN “Fast action and good characterizations make this launch title of a new imprint a good summer read.”—Library Journal “Trevor Scott manages another winner with this exciting tale set in the middle of the Cascade mountain range on the Northwest. His take on the real estate boom of California millionaires invading this idyllic space is on the money. Real estate and computer companies seem to be the big money makers on the West Coast, and the opportunity for fraud, bullying, and theft seems to be the order of the day. Scott’s background and knowledge of all things relating to bombs puts him in the driver’s seat, and the reader is the fortunate recipient of an excellent plot, well-crafted characters, and constant action. BOOM TOWN is Trevor Scott’s second foray in the P.I. series, after the excellent Jake Adams International Thriller Series. He never fails to please.”—Midwest Book Review VITAL FORCE “I enjoyed it very much. . .akin to Ludlum and Higgins. . .your background and writing skill should make this one a slam dunk. . .”—Dale Brown, New York Times bestselling author “Vital Force is the riveting novel of rapidly paced, non-stop, action adventure. The stuff of which block-buster movies are made, Vital Force is very highly recommended reading for those who enjoy a well crafted spy-thriller story.”—Midwest Book Review “Author Trevor Scott takes us on a thrill ride full of spycraft, geo-political espionage, advanced weaponry, treason, and a man’s fine appreciation for the female body, even when its owner is a stone killer.”—Jules Brenner, Mystery Scene Magazine STRONG CONVICTION “Writer Scott captures the feel of a small Minnesota town with the skill of someone who has lived in such a setting. Strong Conviction is filled with scents, sights, and sounds to tantalize the reader, making the town itself one of the leading actors. The characters leap from the page as the reader devours each page. In Strong Conviction author Scott has produced a first class shocker fully developed with crystalline and lively dialogue, adroit pacing, and commanding characters who find themselves enmeshed in extraordinary and often deadly circumstances, with the right mix of potent romantic interest. The reader is snared from the opening paragraph and held tight to the last sentence. Watch for twists, turns and red herrings. Good book for a lazy weekend.”—Scribesworld “A damned good writer.”—David Hagberg, bestselling author of High Flight, Critical Mass, and some 70 other mysteries and thrillers. “Strong Conviction is a good crime story with interesting characters and solid writing. Trevor Scott weaves a web of small- town controversy that entraps our hero...with vivid description he paints characters who breathe and sets up believable conflict.” —Pine Bluff (Arkansas) Commercial “Investigative reporter Trent Strong takes over the weekly newspaper in his northern Minnesota hometown after escaping a dangerous situation in Chicago. In short order, however, he encounters trouble again: someone murders Trent’s former high school love…and someone incinerates another long-time friend. Since suspicion seems to fall on Trent, he investigates.”—Library Journal HYPERSHOT “Mr. Scott brings his powerful and prestigious experience into play with his newest thriller, Hypershot. Mr. Scott utilizes his usual arsenal of literary techniques to build Hypershot into a first-class thriller: pacing, effective love interests, compelling characters finding themselves in unusual and deadly circumstances, clear and effective dialogue, and just plain thrilling circumstances. His settings are reminiscent of James Bond. A great fourth book!”—Midwest Book Review THE DOLOMITE SOLUTION “Previous titles have fit the Tom Clancy techno mold, but this topical tale of DNA research and a possible cure for heart disease falls more in the James Bond tradition of fancy cars and fast women.”—Publishers Weekly “Trevor Scott delivers with The Dolomite Solution. Jake Adams is up against a bitter enemy, and with his usual aplomb Scott ratchets up the action. He is an expert at thoroughly deceiving the reader, drawing us into a seemingly insolvable plot just as he fascinates us with action that is non-stop. Jake is his usual disarming self, understated in a thoroughly fascinating way until his enemies inflate with their own devious cunning. We can't wait for him to succeed, and we can't help but be relieved when he finds his true lady love in the end...a wonderful read.”—Midwest Book Review EXTREME FACTION “Scott has the high-tech jargon down pat...he takes readers around the world for a thrill-packed adventure. Technothriller fans looking for an alternative to Clancy will find Scott a somewhat smaller-scale but perhaps even more authentic alternative.”—Booklist “The formidable protagonist zooms through densely detailed, adventures.”—Publishers Weekly “While the story is almost too close to reality…kudos to Scott for a job well done and expectations of more to come.”—AudioFile “Trevor Scott’s action-packed post-Cold War spy thriller is certainly that—a thriller. Extreme Faction takes the reader around the world, into different cultures, lifestyles and ideals with flawless ease. I’d recommend this adventure highly.”—Duluth News-Tribune “Extreme Faction is fast-paced, realistic, and more than a bit frightening.” —Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon “Extreme Faction is a thrill-packed, non-stop, absolutely riveting action/adventure, novel from first page to last.”—Midwest Book Review “...a thrill-packed adventure of intrigue and espionage.”—ForeWord Magazine “As much fun as a Bruce Willis action movie.”—Rocket eNewsletter FATAL NETWORK “A great read. A roller coaster ride of murder, espionage and intrigue. A damned good writer.”—David Hagberg, author of HIGH FLIGHT “Fatal Network is a masterfully written, splendidly executed, superb thriller.” —Midwest Book Review “This is a thriller with some real thrills, an adventure with new ideas, and an espionage drama firmly rooted in the convoluted realities of modern Europe. A real gut-buster of a thriller.”—Statesman Journal, Salem, Oregon “Unique twists and turns...a deadly cat and mouse game.”—Duluth News-Tribune